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Black and Blue

What comes to your mind when you think of India? If you’ve been seduced by films, books, pictures and anglophile Indians over the last century then you will no doubt paint a happy picture. You might romanticise the poor yet happy people, the colours, the cuisine, the attire, the mystics, the music, the dance, the cacophony, the heat and the sensory overload of this one country. The only colour missing in Continue reading


Letter to PM Narendra Modi: Stop Racist Attacks on Africans in India!

To sign this letter Please visit the petition page here.

Dear Prime Minister Modi

We the undersigned strongly condemn the horrific killing of Masonda Kitanda Oliver and the spate of violent attacks on African nationals living in India. Our deepest sympathies and solidarity are with the families of the victims. In the last two years, there has been an enormous rise in racist violence against Africans in India. Continue reading


Powerful protest against the Narendra Modi- Shinzo Abe Nuclear Agreement

South Asia Solidarity Group(SASG) and Japan Against Nuclear(JAN) along with Kick Nuclear held a powerful  protest against the Narendra Modi- Shinzo Abe Nuclear Agreement  outside the Japanese Embassy in London on Friday December 11, 2015. They demanded the scrapping of the impending Japan-India Nuclear Agreement and the creation of a nuclear free zone in South Asia. Continue reading


South Asia Solidarity Group Condemns the Burning Alive of Dalit Children in India

PRESS RELEASE: for immediate release

South Asia Solidarity Group Condemns the Burning Alive of Dalit Children in India 

One of Britain’s key activist organisations, South Asia Solidarity Group (SASG), has applauded the courage of the more than 40 writers, to date, who have returned literary awards from India’s prestigious Sahitya Academy in protest against the attacks on freedom of expression and the killings, harassment and intimidation of members of minority communities and Dalits.

Condemning the burning to death of two Dalit children in Haryana as an exercise in “barbarism and a naked display of brutal upper-caste Hindu supremacy” a spokesperson for SASG said in a statement issued today:  “In 18 months of BJP-rule anti-minority and anti-Dalit violence has escalated to a horrifying degree.
Continue reading