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Don’t drag Afzal Guru into the Delhi High Court Bombing

South Asia Solidarity Group condemns recent the attack on the Indian High Court and offers our deepest condolences to the families of those – mainly lawyers and witness due to appear in court -who lost their lives. Those who have dragged in Afzal Guru’s name and those in the Indian media who have eagerly followed are also to be condemned in the strongest possible terms. Afzal Guru, who is a Kashmiri, was incarcerated as a consequence of a grave miscarriage of justice after an attack on the Indian Parliament in 2001. In that case the corruption of the police particularly those from the so-called Special Cell, and the bias of the media and the judiciary were fully exposed but ignored by the Indian government. Afzal Guru remains in jail with a death sentence hanging over him.

The following statements from Afzal himself and Afzal’s lawyer N.D. Pancholi are a response to the latest events.

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