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South Asia Solidarity Group Condemns the Burning Alive of Dalit Children in India

PRESS RELEASE: for immediate release

South Asia Solidarity Group Condemns the Burning Alive of Dalit Children in India 

One of Britain’s key activist organisations, South Asia Solidarity Group (SASG), has applauded the courage of the more than 40 writers, to date, who have returned literary awards from India’s prestigious Sahitya Academy in protest against the attacks on freedom of expression and the killings, harassment and intimidation of members of minority communities and Dalits.

Condemning the burning to death of two Dalit children in Haryana as an exercise in “barbarism and a naked display of brutal upper-caste Hindu supremacy” a spokesperson for SASG said in a statement issued today:  “In 18 months of BJP-rule anti-minority and anti-Dalit violence has escalated to a horrifying degree.
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Black, South Asian and Minority Women’s Organisations and Academics write to Narendra Modi about gender violence

PRESS RELEASE 15 October 2015

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Black, South Asian and Minority Women’s Organisations and Academics write to Narendra Modi about gender violence

With less than a month to go till Narendra Modi’s visit to the UK, all the major South Asian, Black and minority ethnic women’s organisations involved in combatting violence against women, together with more than 20 prominent South Asian women academics from British universities have written to Narendra Modi expressing their deep disquiet about the escalation of violence against women since he came to power. Citing detailed evidence, they write that they are particularly concerned about the Indian Prime Minister’s relationship with the RSS which they describe as ‘a paramilitary organisation modelled on the Italian Fascist and German Nazi parties known, along with its allied groups, for its violent misogyny openly displayed in the pronouncements of its leaders’.

They write that Mr Modi’s cabinet ‘includes a number of ministers against whom criminal cases, including rape, are pending’ and urge him to dismiss them and also dismiss, Amit Shah who, they note ‘directly incited rape’ in April 2014 calling on Hindus to ‘take revenge’ on ‘those who have been ill treating our mothers and sisters’. Citing a number of instances of rape by men from groups allied to the RSS they point out that Mr Modi did not condemn the rapists or launch an investigation into the right-wing Hindu organisations which support them.

Finally they urge the Prime Minister to make his position clear: ‘ Do you approve of the hate crimes, patriarchal violence and misogyny perpetrated by the RSS and its affiliated organisations? If not, we urge you to openly condemn these organisations’.

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UK’s foremost Dalit organisations have written to Narendra Modi

PRESS RELEASE – for immediate release

From South Asia Solidarity Group 24 August 2015

In the run up to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the UK,  four  of UK’s foremost Dalit organisations  have written to Narendra Modi, expressing their dismay about the recent revelations  by investigative news portal Cobrapost. Their letter notes that senior  BJP politicians were involved in the massacres of some 144 Dalit men, women and children  in Bihar and that Mr Modi has so far neither spoken out against  the self-confessed killers and their accomplices nor taken any action against them.

Spokespersons from the organisations urge Mr Modi to act because his lack of action on this issue gives the shocking  message that Dalit and oppressed caste lives do not matter in India’ . They urge him to act urgently to ensure that the self-confessed killers are brought to justice and that all the politicians, including senior BJP politicians, are  dismissed from their posts, arrested and charged.

The letter in full is as follows:

To the Prime Minister of India,

Panchavati, 7 Race Course Road, New Delhi

19 August 2015

Dear Shri Narendra Modi,

We are deeply shocked by the recent horrifying revelations about the massacres of Dalit and other oppressed-caste people in Bihar and are writing to you to express our dismay that  you have so far neither spoken out against  the killers and their accomplices nor taken any action against them.

The revelations caught on camera by the news portal Cobrapost’s are briefly as follows:

  • The Ranveer Sena, the upper caste landlord army in Bihar, perpetrated a number of major massacres of Dalits and oppressed caste people including at Bathani Tola, Laxmanpur Bathe, Shankarbigha, Miyanpur and Ekwari, between 1994 and 2000, brutally murdering some 144 men, women and children simply for demanding basic rights and dignity and for supporting the Communist Party of India(Marxist- Leninist) .
  • Ranveer Sena commanders (formerly acquitted by the Patna High Court)  boasted in recorded interviews not only that they committed these massacres but that they were backed  by top BJP leaders who were their political patrons and funders. They also confessed that  powerful politicians helped them get arms and military training from serving and retired Indian Army men and that they had the support of former Prime Minister (the late Chandrashekhar), and top BJP leaders including former Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha, former Human Resources Development Minister Murli Manohar Joshi, former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, Sushil Kumar Modi and Vice President of the BJP, CP Thakur.
  • The Ranveer Sena commanders also said on camera that Brahmeshwar Mukhiya masterminded all the massacres of poor Dalit women and children. Yet, as you know, the BJP’s Giriraj Singh has shamelessly described Brahmeshwar as Bihar’s Gandhi.

The Amir Das Commission, which was set up in 1997, after the Laxmanpur Bathe killings,  to investigate these massacres was disbanded in 2005 by Nitish Kumar of the JDU, then in alliance with the BJP, in order to appease and shield his erstwhile BJP allies.

As you may know the Patna High Court acquitted all the perpetrators claiming there was ‘no evidence’, and that eyewitnesses were lying. The statements of the acquitted men to Cobrapost prove that the eyewitnesses told the truth.

Can such horrific violence be tolerated in a democratic country? Unfortunately your lack of action on this issue gives the shocking  message that Dalit and oppressed caste lives do not matter in India. We urge you therefore to act urgently to ensure:

  • that the Ranveer Sena commanders who continue to walk free and boast about the murders they have committed are arrested and charged
  • that all the politicians including senior BJP politicians who are named in the Amir Das Commission report are dismissed from their posts, arrested and charged
  • that the Army and ex-Army personnel who trained and armed the banned Ranveer Sena terrorists are also brought to justice.

yours sincerely,

Meena Varma   (Dalit Solidarity Network)

Arun Kumar (Federation of Ambedkarite and Buddhist Organisation, UK)

Davinder Prasad   (CasteWatchUK)

Ramesh Klair (Sri Guru Ravidass Global Organisation for Human Rights)

Amrit Wilson (South Asia Solidarity Group)

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